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Luxury Real Estate Market Returns To Sarasota - And The Forest

The news of improving homes sales and prices making headlines locally and around the nation since early this year has been mainly on moderate priced properties. Now, the story is shifting to a surge of sales in the luxury category. It's good news for Sarasota which is known around the world for its premier real estate opportunities.

A recent story in the Sarasota Herald Tribune headlined Luxury Real Estate Market Takes Off Again gives a good recap of the trend. Sales volume is up and prices are rising. That's important for the entire local real estate market and those considering a home in The Forest. Recent sales make it possible to buy in confidence with a stable market where values and appreciation are in sync.

That news is spreading to The Forest. We recently wrote here on the blog about a record sale in The Forest. That story was picked up this week for some very deserved coverage in the Sarasota Observer of our own Brian Wood of Premier Sotheby's. The news at The Forest continues to be positive and Brian says activity here and elsewhere in the luxury communities east of I-75 is improving.

There is new builder activity at The Forest as well with homes under construction. Also, exciting news is coming about new developments along the I-75 corridor. If you have not visited The Forest in a while, or never been here, contact Brian and schedule one of his private Range Rover Tours. He is an expert on all things along the corridor and can share more of why this is one of the best areas to live, work and play in Sarasota.

Tom Dabney

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