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Jim Turner Shares Insights On The Forest and Hi Hat Ranch

listen to interview with Hi Hat Ranch's Jim Turner
Jim Turner is a highly respected Real Estate Attorney in Sarasota. He is also a member of the family that has owned and operated the Hi Hat Ranch for some 70 years. The Ranch is a big part of Sarasota's history - figuratively and literally - as one of the largest private land holdings in the county. And the Turner family is and remains a big part of the Ranch.

Jim recently sat down for an interview on lot 1 at The Forest to share some of his insights into this beautiful property and its first-ever residential community development.

"This is really a special place and a special opportunity for anyone that will call The Forest home," says Jim. "I have been coming to the Ranch all my life and this particular part of the property The Forest is located on is some of the best land of the entire 10,000 acres."

Hear more from the interview with Jim in this short video, and meet other members of the team behind The Forest and Hi Hat Ranch, on The Forest YouTube Channel.