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Rick Turner Shares Hi Hat Ranch Story

watch short interview with Rick Turner on Hi Hat Ranch
The Forest is the latest chapter in a rich history of Hi Hat Ranch.  This community is part of a land holding that has been in the Turner family for generations. Unlike most "developments" where a company buys land and develops a community, The Forest is actively managed by the family.

Rick Turner is one of the most active of the family when it comes to the Hi Hat Ranch and The Forest. He manages the Ranch operations and is part of the development team for The Forest.  Spend a few minutes with Rick and you get a quick appreciation for the quality behind The Forest.

"I guess the key ingredient we bring is the pride we take in this land," says Rick. "Our family has owned this place since the 4o's and there is a lot of history here. We want to make sure The Forest, like everything else we do at the Ranch, is the highest quality."

Rick recently shared some of the Hi Hat Ranch story. Watch the video to hear more from Rick, and learn more about the history and team behind The Forest on the Forest YouTube Channel.